Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Until Saturday.......

Monday was the last day I pulled honey before I extract this Saturday. I am so excited, I have designed my label, but still need to get jars. I better hurry! I will have somewhere around 60 pounds of honey. But, all that honey is not just for me. I am giving away jars to my friends and neighbors (I have a lot who want honey), plus I am going to ask a cafe close to my house if they will sell some! Hope they say yes.
When I opened the hive the bees were relatively nice, though one did somehow get into my veil, and I got stung on the leg. That's what I get for wearing thin sweatpants. There were some swarm cells, which surprises me because it is so late in the swarm season. The hive is getting smaller and smaller now, for I am taking out honey. I will only open the hive a few more times before I say goodnight in the fall and don't open it again till spring. Can't wait till Saturday!


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