Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spain Honey

For two weeks this summer my family celebrated my older sister's high school graduation by traveling to SPAIN! I could go on and on raving about everything. The ham, the wonderful narrow alleyways, the stores. I wish I could go back soon. On the trip I had my eye out for unique honey from Spain. While strolling down a street in Barcelona I came across a small store selling honey. I quickly popped in and found two jars/flavors I liked. One is Miel de Romero and the other Miel de Azahar. I have opened the second one, and it is scrumptious! All this honey eating has me thinking on when I will extract honey from my own hives. Hopefully soon!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Apiary construction almost done!

Eek! I have been extremely busy these past months! Juggling school, finals, summer plans... I sadly have had not much time to update this blog. The backyard construction has made progress. All the boxes have been made and placed. The wonderful gate that will lead into the bee section of the yard has been delivered. Teddy and I are in it, as well as the bees. Seattle has had one of the worst spring/summers in history (or at least in my life time). We have gone from winter to winter and finally 70 degree weather. Spring never came. So, due to all the weather delays the bees came late this year. At the end of May they arrived. I hope this doesn't affect the honey output... The pink hive is named Queen Hippolyta and the blue is the same as before, Queen Titania. These are the names of characters in my favorite Shakespeare play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. While I observe the two hives I can tell that the pink hive seems stronger and more active. The blue hive is quieter. The blue one though has a better location, for the sun hits them earlier in the morning. Today my mom and I opened the hives. The pink hive does seem to be doing better. More honey and eggs. Because of this we have added a box, making the pink hive three boxes tall and the blue two. We will most likely add a third box next week to the blue hive. Yesterday my mom and I went shopping for flowers to fill our yard. I have already seen the bees checking them out! Hope the weather heats up!