Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer in Seattle

Savannah Bee Company- Charleston 

Hello again!

It has been a long time since I've last posted and much has happened. Both hive lived through the winter and now are busy about my yard. The pink hive contains "the party girls" always out and busy. I plan to pull frames of honey from this hive and hope for about 40 pounds. The blue hive is more quiet and subdued.  Because there is less activity in this hive and I have decided to feed them again. Sadly, I plan on not pulling any honey from this hive in order for them to have sufficient food to survive through the winter.

About a month ago I decided to split both hives in order to help prevent a swarm. By splitting the hives I mean taking about 3-8 frames from the hives to move to another location. One must be careful not to move the queen when doing this, because then the hive will have no bee production occurring and will collapse. During the splitting, I accidentally removed the blue hive's queen. She had never been the greatest queen, so it was not the end of the world. Thus, we got a new queen and placed her into the hive about 3 weeks ago. This new queen appears very happy, for she has been laying a lot of eggs!

During June I took a trip to the southeast coast (Charleston to DC) and was very delighted to discover the Savannah Bee Company store in Charleston! I probably spent an hour walking around, sampling the many honey flavors, and buying Savannah bee gear! The store was great and so fun visit. I bought my fare share of honey from them too! ;)

 Glad that the sun has finally come out in Seattle!