Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ghost Bees

My necklace

I am powdering the bees

I have decided to combine this week and last weeks hive update into one post. Last week I looked down into the second box. Everything looked o.k., but I had to cut some excess honeycomb off. Sometime that week, since I was still in school, my mom went up to Beez Neez to buy drone frames for me to put in to get rid of mites. I have not seen any mites yet, but I am sure they are in there. I put a drone frame in the third and second box. In a few weeks I will take the frames and freeze them, hopefully also freezing mites. Another way to get rid of mites is to powder sugar them. I first watched Corky, then I did it. It is very simple, you sprinkle powder sugar over the top of a box. The powder sugar will fall down, covering the bees in it, making them look like ghosts! I did this to the third and second boxes. THE BEES HATED IT! Thousands of them poured out of the entrance all white. It almost looked like a swarm, but luckily was not. After awhile the bees cleaned themselves, rubbing off the mites. I decided last week to stop feeding the bees too, so my hive shrunk by two boxes. This week though, since it has been so cold and rainy, I decide to feed them again. We need sun! So, because it was drizzling all day today and was cold I only put the feeder back on. The bees seemed different. I am still not sure how, maybe a little bigger or crabbier.

Last week on the 15th I had my Middle School graduation. For a graduation gift my parents gave me a bee necklace from Nordstrom. I love it. I also got a Polaroid camera, so I have been snapping lots of photos of the hive! Well, hope it starts to act like summer soon!


  1. Hello, Im having problems regarding my bee hives, the bees seem to be healthy but why are they not producing any honey? What could possible bee wrong? need your expert help!

  2. Sorry it took a while to respond. I hope you read this, for I did not know another way to reach you. If you are from Seattle, I would recommend going to the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association and asking at one of the beekeepers meetings. They meet on the last Tuesday of every month. I would try feeding them, but I am not positive that would work. I have never heard of such a thing happening before, so it surprises me. Hope all ends well.