Monday, January 2, 2012

Time to Bottle

Once I finished extracting all the honey, I had to let it sit in the bucket overnight so that all the "junk" that got into the honey could float to the top. Once that happened I could scrape it off. Then, just to make sure I got all of the "junk," I strained the honey into another bucket with an opening at the bottom so I could fill my jars easily. I had two sizes of honey this year, the jar I had last year which was 3.75 oz and then a new smaller jar at 2 oz. I probably could have filled more 3.75 oz jars then I did. The honey has a mellow taste at first, but then what seems like an after kick of flavor. It's different from last year, but both are good. Now all I have to do is label the jars!


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