Monday, January 2, 2012

Off to the Store

I have bottled and sold jars to the Volunteer Park Cafe on Capitol Hill. ALL JARS OF HONEY SOLD! I decided to keep the label the same as last year, for I was happy with how it looked. I got the honey in just in time for Christmas, so good timing on my part. I hope everyone enjoyed their honey! I know I did! :)

The money I made from selling the honey I am donating to Seattle's Pollinator Pathway. The Pollinator Pathway is a plan to provide an urban model of support to the foundation of the food web. With a mile-long series of gardens in planting strips along Seattle’s Columbia Street, the project establishes a corridor between the two green spaces bookending the project-Seattle University’s campus at 12th, and Nora’s Woods at 29th. You can learn more about Pollinator Pathway at


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