Sunday, August 18, 2013


Check out Time magazine for the cover article on honeybees. 

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  1. Hey Audrey, I'm Gene, a fellow beekeeper. For three years I've been preparing for a Kickstarter project with a BIG idea on how to help save the honey bees. Because it’s such a worthy project and I’ve done so much already on my own, I thought people would be lining up and we’d easily pass our goal and be working on the sanctuary. That’s not been the case as I'm not real social media savvy. I’m running out of time and was hoping you could look at my project and help us to get the word out, or if you see its merits, give a shout out to your crowd to take a look. Anything you could do would be most appreciated!
    Gene Wall Cole

    It’s called God Save the Queen and the link is: