Sunday, May 2, 2010

O The Seattle Weather

For the past days it has been cold, cloudy, and windy here in Seattle. Not good bee weather. Still, I have seen some bees buzz'n about the hive and yard. Before the bees had come I installed a birdbath for them to drink out of. It is cute and next to the hive, but no they don't like it. Instead, the bees have discovered one of the empty pots in my yard full of dirt. They suck the water from that. It is hilarious to watch them sip the water. I can sometimes see their tongues.

Today I opened the hive without Corky! Since it was chilly I did it fast, just so the bees wouldn't get cold. They have moved up to the second box, but the first one still isn't full. Hmmm, maybe they don't want to fill it all. I saw the queen, which is of course good. Sadly, I had problems getting the smoker started, so I did without the smoke. I could tell the bees were more upset that I was in their house, for they kept staring at me. Well, hope the weather clears and it gets hot so they can go out exploring more.


  1. Haven't heard from you about your bees for awhile. Would like to know if they liked the sunny days we had last weekend? Thanks for the update.

  2. Sorry for not posting about the sunny weather. LOTS of homework!