Sunday, April 18, 2010


Alas, the time has come. I have been stung! I was sitting by the hive when a bee came over to investigate my face. Stupidly, when it landed on my eye I flicked it away. But, it still had time to graze my eyebrow with its stinger. I forgive it. On a more positive note, I opened the hive today! All was well. Queen Titania had been released and started laying eggs already. With help from Corky I captured the queen and put a green dot on her head to mark her. The bees had also made honey comb. While watching the bees daily I can see that the bees are bring back lots of pollen. I wonder where they get it? My neighbor, Sam, told me he has seen many bees in his yard lately after years with no bees. I think they are doing their job. Well, all is good in the hive. Hope it stays that way.

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